Colorado Theatre Guild

Unified Auditions

Sunday, April 21 & Monday, April 22, 2024
at Aurora Fox Arts Center

The Colorado Theatre Guild (CTG) is proud to announce the return of the Annual Colorado Theatre Guild Unified Auditions. This event will feature the opportunity for Colorado actors (both union and non-union) from across the state to audition for numerous theatre companies from the region in a single audition. CTG will host this unified audition event, the largest to be held in Colorado in many years.

Live, in-person auditions will take place on Sunday, April 21 (12 pm-8 pm) and Monday, April 22 (10 am-6 pm) at Aurora Fox Arts Center in Aurora, CO.

Actors will submit applications and additional materials requested (information provided in the application) for consideration. The review process occurs by committee, and actors selected to audition will be offered an invitation.

CTG Unified Audition Simple Logistics:

DATES & TIMES:  Sunday, April 21 (12 pm-8 pm) and Monday, April 22 (10 am-6 pm)
LOCATION: Aurora Fox Arts Center, 9900 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

March 10, 2024

QUESTIONS from Producers and Actors: