Click here for the list of Producers Attending the Auditions.


(and those wanting to observe the auditions)

Producer Qualifications to Attend Audition

  • Producers are defined as any staff from a theatre company/performance organization that might be associated with the casting process (Production Director, Casting Director, Musical Director, Choreographer, Artistic Director, Executive Director, etc).
  • Producers must be associated with an official CTG member organization. Membership is open to all. Annual Organizational memberships are $100. For more information or to join: https://www.coloradotheatreguild.org/ctg-membership 
  • Producers must be associated with a theatre company that expects to produce at least one production/ performance event during the 2023-2024 season. No Freelance Directors who are not part of a producing organization.

Producer General Logistics of the Unified Audition Event

  • Eligible Producers sign up online at: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS PRODUCER APPLICATION. 
  • Producer Sign-ups begin on Monday, November 14 and will continue until all available seats are filled or one week prior to the audition event. 
  • CTG will review requests and send a confirmation email before the event. Not all Producers will be guaranteed spots.
  • Space is limited by capacity of theatre (space equaling 188 seats). As such, we are only allowing theatres to bring up to 2 staff members. Producers will be provided with digital access to actor pictures and resumes. CTG will not provide hard copies of any audition materials to Producers.
  • Audition slots are 4 minutes. Audition performance is not to exceed 90 seconds.
  • Producers are encouraged, but not required, to stay for the entire audition event. There will be designated times for entry and exit. 
  • Live auditions will take place on Sunday, April 23 (12pm-8pm) and Monday, April 24 (10am-6pm) at Curious Theatre Company located at 1080 Acoma St, Denver, CO 80204. 
  • For questions or concerns email: unifieds@coloradotheatreguild.org