List of Producers Attending the Auditions


Observer Qualifications to Attend Audition

  • This year, audition observers will be either “Producers” or “Freelance Directors”. All observers MUST play some role in casting for upcoming projects in the 2024-25 season.
  • PRODUCER DEFINITION: Producers are defined as any staff representing a CTG organizational member theatre company/performance organization that might be associated with the casting process (Production Director, Casting Director, Musical Director, Choreographer, Artistic Director, Executive Director, etc). Organizational Membership is open to all. Annual Organizational memberships are $100. For more information or to join: Join Us – Colorado Theatre Guild
  • FREELANCE DIRECTOR DEFINITION: In addition to those defined above, this year there will be a limited number of “observer” seats reserved for freelance directors who have not been invited to attend on behalf of a member theatre. This could also include Directors, Musical Directors or Choreographers (any senior staff involved in the casting process). Freelance directors are encouraged to apply, but will not be guaranteed a spot. Freelance directors MUST be able to prove that they have been asked to direct a show in the upcoming season for a CTG member organization. Freelance directors approved to participate DO NOT need to be CTG individual members.
  • All observers must be associated with one or more theatrical companies that expect to produce at least one production/ performance event during the 2024-2025 season. 
  • NO ACTOR SOLICITATIONS: No observer/ organization may solicit Unified Audition actors for any pay-to-play opportunities including, but not limited to, classes, workshops or pay-to-play casting opportunities. A reminder that a majority of actors auditioning are seeking paid work. While we know that some theatres are offering unpaid opportunities, we are asking theatres to not use this audition to solicit actors for money in any form.

Observer/Producer General Logistics of the Unified Audition Event

  • Qualified Observer/Producers sign up online at: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS PRODUCER APPLICATION. 
  • Producer Sign-ups continue until all available seats are filled or one week prior to the audition event. Freelance directors can apply at any time, but may not be confirmed until after CTG can fully assess organizational interest. 
  • CTG will review requests and send a confirmation email before the event. Not all Producers (or freelance directors) will be guaranteed spots.
  • Seating is limited by capacity of theatre (230 seats). As such, we are only allowing theatres to bring up to 2 staff members. Producers will be provided with digital access to actor pictures and resumes. CTG will not provide hard copies of any audition materials to Producers.
  • Audition slots are 3 minutes. Audition performance is not to exceed 2 minutes. Auditions could include one monologue, two monologues or a single monologue and a song. Note that we will not know exactly when musical actors will perform. An accompanist will be on stage throughout the audition day. It is up to performers to decide the length of the individual components of their material, but auditions cannot exceed 2 minutes. Actors will be stopped if they go over time. 
  • Producers are encouraged, but not required, to stay for the entire audition event. There will be designated times for entry and exit. 
  • Live auditions will take place on Sunday, April 21 (12pm-8pm) and Monday, April 22 (10am-6pm) at Aurora Fox Theatre located at 9900 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010
  • For questions or concerns email: CTGunifieds@gmail.com